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LVI Supply is pleased to carry the PipeSak® brand of geotextile pipeline weights. When you choose PipeSak® you benefit from decades of experience and commitment to your project.

PipeSak® pipeline weights are a soft method of buoyancy control, allowing the pipeline to move slightly while still maintaining negative buoyancy and coating protection. They allow for the easy passage of water supporting cathodic protection systems. They are non-biodegradable and as environmentally friendly as the natural aggregate used to fill them.

PipeSak® pipeline weights are manufactured from the heaviest grade geotextile in the industry and are rated for underground use. All components are routinely certified – including fabric, webbing, and thread – to meet a minimum 4 times safety factor.

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Every product that touches a pipeline should be engineered to ensure long term integrity. With expertise in oil and natural gas pipelines, PipeSak® has been supplying the industry with engineered products for pipeline stability, support, and protection for more than 20 years.

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